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Boards from Intel

New miniStack Classic

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Baumer Group

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1394 TA, DapTechnology, Collaborate on New Demo at SAE Aerospace Conference
The 1394 Trade Association worked closely with DapTechnology to demonstrate the latest in IEEE-1394 technology at the SAE 2012 Aerospace Electronics and Avionics Systems Conference in Phoenix Oct. 30 through Nov. 1. continued

New Article from 1394 TA Describes How Thunderbolt Extends FireWire’s Benefits
A new article developed by the 1394 Trade Association defines and describes the benefits of the innovative Thunderbolt technology, its advantages for consumers, and how it extends the life of the 1394 standard. continued

Latest News from the TA
The latest on specifications, standards, and alliances involving the TA. continued

Readers and Users Answer the Latest 1394 TA Web Questions
Since early August, the 1394 TA has posted a pair of interesting questions on the website for readers and designers to check over. continued


As another year unwinds, the Trade Association is now setting exciting new priorities for 2013, which will mark our 19th year!  Our budget is strong, the membership is committed, and we look forward to continued success.

While recent lists of new products shows a bit of a slowdown, there is still plenty of innovative design activity underway in the aviation, avionics, instrumentation and industrial sectors, along with the usual computing and audio applications. New products are utilizing the S3200 speeds, real time data delivery, software and years of 1394 technology experience. We also are at work on a complete update of the baseline standard, with Les Baxter handling the drafting and reviewing what we call the ‘errata,’ so by the spring of 2013 we’ll have a final updated version of IEEE 1394-2013. Les is a veteran of the Trade Association, and we’re fortunate to have his expertise to guide us through this project.

As the year ends, it also will mark the conclusion of my own tenure on the TA’s board, in various positions, after 18 years. It’s been a long, exciting and rewarding experience, which leaves me with a huge list of new friends and colleagues, and plenty of memories of traveling the world to define, explain and advocate the advantages of FireWire.  The TA remains in very good hands, and I’ll be close by whenever I’m needed to lend a hand. Hopefully gone, but not forgotten.

Max Bassler