SAE AS5643 and IEEE1394 Deliver Flexible Deterministic Solution for Aerospace and Defense Applications
by Richard Mourn, DAP USA Inc.

AS5643 coupled with IEEE-1394 asynchronous stream capability provides a programmable rate-based (time-sliced) protocol with a rate determined by a control computer, also known as a vehicle management computer. The vmc generates a start of frame (stof) packet. using pre-assigned offsets, each device can determine when to have data ready for transmission and also when to expect data from the bus. this allows for deterministic operation from the 1394 bus through each device and through the complete network.   continue


Thunderbolt Extends the Benefits of Firewire
by Dave Thompson, LSI Corp.

Thunderbolt products continue to roll into the marketplace after Apple and Intel’s announcement of the technology in 2011.  continue


Article: IIDC2, a New Beginning for Industrial Digital Video Camera Technology
by Dave Thompson, LSI corp.

The true sign of successful specifications are revisions driven by the industry leaders in concert with the open source community.  Ethernet, SCSI and JTAG specifications are decades old, in wide use today and have been updated multiple times for ease of use and enhanced benefits. continue


Article: Firewire and Thunderbolt a Natural Fit
by Richard Mourn Director Systems Engineering, DAP USA Inc.

Firewire™ and Thunderbolt™ have much in common, IEEE-1394 (firewire) was the brainchild of Apple computer and provided a revolutionary new I/O technology. Originally designed to consolidate I/Os like Apple’s desktop bus (ADB) and small computer system interface (SCSI), Firewire provided unprecedented speed and complete power, along with a plug-and-play, memory mapped and peer-to-peer architectures. continue