Top 4 Ways to Make Your Instagram Profile Really Stand Out 

You're thinking that you should have shine your Instagram profile by now, but still getting low ranks, here is how to stand out on Instagram.

You know you have something interesting to say, or you’re proud of your brand and want to get it out there! But you’ve been trying hard for months to get your Instagram account to stand out from a crowded marketplace and it’s not working. Heck, you are posting four or five times a day, but your followers aren’t stacking up and not many people like or view your posts!  So what are you doing wrong?  Why aren’t your posts being “liked” and “shared” by others? You’re sure your profile looks good, and you’ve checked – your view is “public”!  You definitely don’t want to blend in on Instagram, you really need to stand out! Let 1394TA give you a helping hand with this piece on making, and make your Instagram profile really appealing to others. 

Are Your Stories Interactive? 

Stories are viewed by over 500 million Instagram users globally every day – so if you’re not posting a story daily, you’re missing out.  They’re more popular than regular posts and they stand out.  Think of your story as a mini video or a mini collection of images, you can design them with attractive imagery, add music and words and really get noticed.  Use the sticker icon in stories to add something bold and bright, tag your hero or heroine (perhaps another influencer, or an actor, or a brand you really love), add a countdown to an event or a product giveaway you’re offering.  Why not host a live story with a question-and-answer session?  Then others can join your “live” stream.  Post a poll and invite people to vote, asking people their opinion on a product or an outfit you’re wearing, or perhaps even a movie that you want to see.  The idea is to engage and start a conversation with others.   

Add an AR Filter 

These are easy to do, and they’re a good way of getting your Instagram content shared on your story, by using Augmented Reality (AR).  They transform your posts and stories by adding fun elements such as cartoon ears or a little glitter and sparkle.  Did you know that you can customise an AR filter?  Why not ask a designer friend to do it for you or search online how to create a personalised AR filter and follow the steps to make one yourself?  It’s another useful tool and you’ll learn something new!  Try this website here:  

Is Your Video Authentic Enough? 

By all means check out what your competitors do for their Instagram posts and videos, and you can even imitate some of the things that they do but you do need to make your posts and videos your own.  In doing so, you give your brand its own identity, rather than copying others.  People like to see something new, so use your own personality to stand out and don’t be shy to be yourself.  Don’t over-edit it, don’t make it look too much like an advert.  Do film yourself, do use your own voice because you want people to connect with you and your brand.  People like to feel as if they “know” you personally, it makes you more credible too because it has that human touch.  In fact, be prepared to use video when the mood takes you – sometimes the best videos are those created off-the-cuff! 

Get Instant Followers, Likes and Views 

If you’ve done all of the above, you’ve created off-the-cuff videos, you’ve added filters, you’ve tried live streams and you’re still not getting the Instagram engagement that you want then there is something else you can do.  You can buy genuine Instagram likes, real Instagram views and authentic Instagram followers through 1394TA.  Unlike other businesses that offer a similar package, our Instagram views, likes, and followers are genuine accounts run by genuine people.  Add to that our affordable pricing structure and your Instagram profile will quickly ramp up and then you’ll grow your presence organically because more likes, views and followers gets your account noticed.  It’s easy too and it works instantly, you’ll see your views, likes and followers grow over 24 to 48 hours.  Start by clicking here. 

Finally, if you really do want your Instagram account to help grow your popularity, whether it’s for business purposes or for your own personal use, then you do need to up your game.  You need to work at it, you also need to consider how often you post and the type of content you post too.  It’s a good idea to have a strategy and a plan, decide when you want to post and the type of content but do make room for those off-the-cuff videos and images mentioned above.  Be authentic, be yourself and don’t be afraid to try new approaches with interactive video, live streams, polls, and surveys.  It’s all about experimenting – what works for your brand might not work for someone else’s and vice versa! 

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