Got an Instagram Followers question? Want to know how to buy IG Likes? Need to Buy Instagram Video Views? We’ve got the answer here – and if your question’s not here, contact our customer care team!

Where’s my order? I haven’t got it!

Please check your Instagram Account for the following if you haven’t received your Instagram real Followers:

  • Is your Instagram Account set to public? If not, change the setting
  • Have you typed in the correct Instagram Username when prompted?
  • Did you change your Instagram Username before you completed your buy IG Followers order?
  • Is your Account active (has it been deleted?)
  • Is your Insta Post still active (has it been deleted?)
  • Has your Instagram Video been deleted – did it reflect the guidelines or was it removed?
  • Please wait 24 hours and check again, if the problem persists, please contact our team by clicking here and we will resolve it for you.

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Help! My Instagram Followers are reducing!

Be aware that sometimes, Instagram deletes Accounts that are marked as spam by users.  That means that Followers drop.  It may or may not impact you but if you do experience an Instagram Follower drop within 30 days of your Instagram Followers’ Buy or your Instagram Likes Buy, then get in touch and we will happily replenish lost Followers in accordance with our policy.

Can I remove Instagram Followers that I’ve bought if I no longer want them?

When you buy IG Followers, they are genuine Followers.  We cannot transfer or remove them, but you can do it yourself by selecting the Instagram Followers you don’t want and blocking them manually.

How often do you replenish Followers?

Our system is so finely tuned that it spots when your Followers drop and replenishes any lost Followers within 24 hours.

Can I put a stop on Follower replenishment?

If you don’t want this automatic function, then contact us here and we will remove it for you.

How many Likes for Instagram can I buy?

It’s relatively unlimited, you can buy Likes on Instagram as often as you want providing you don’t order more than 100,000 in the space of 30 days. For Instagram Like – buy here.

Is there a restriction on when I Buy real Instagram Followers? How many am I allowed?

There aren’t any huge restrictions, you may buy cheap Instagram Followers as often as you want providing you don’t order more than 100,000 in the space of 30 days.