Whether you prefer to use Instagram for your business or brand, or you have a personal Instagram account and you want to grow it to become an Influencer, one of your biggest goals should be to get more Instagram followers.

It’s Hard to Gain New Followers

While there are over 1 billion active, relevant users across the world on Instagram, sometimes it can feel like you are fighting an uphill battle!  Even gaining just one new follower a day seems like an impossible task and you’re desperate to reach the Instagram explore page.

When You Lose Followers!

A woman is questioning to herself why she is losing followers.

You’re using your best Instagram posts for Instagram growth.  Then, the dreaded happens – you get an unfollow!  So just when you thought you were making headway, your existing followers have taken a nosedive.

So what can you do to get more followers on the Instagram app, beat the Instagram algorithm, post user generated content and therefore increase your follower count from relevant accounts?

Want Thousands of Followers?  We Show You How!

We’re going to tell you how it’s done and help you to grow your Instagram account, so you have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands – maybe even millions of followers!  It is indeed possible; you just need one of the world’s biggest and best Instagram marketing agencies right by your side telling you how it’s done along with high quality feed posts.

Growing Instagram Followers Doesn’t Happen Overnight!  We’ll Help You Increase Follower Count

Instagram is the perfect place to grow your brand or business and if you are an Instagram Influencer, you know that you need as many followers as possible.  You don’t want to miss out on collabs or risk another Instagram Influencer taking over your niche area, creating content that you could have done yourself.

However, to gain Instagram followers does take time and energy.  Some people may well be lucky enough to use Instagram full-time as it’s their career and unfortunately, as with anything, you need to dedicate time.

Dedicate an Hour A Day to Growing Your Instagram Followers

So first things first, dedicate a good hour a day to just concentrating on growing your followers.  If you have more time to do so, then that’s great too.

Can You Buy Followers to Grow Your Instagram?

Buying followers to grow your Instagram account.

Here’s a hotly-debated topic.  Buying followers for Instagram.  Can you buy followers? The brief answer is yes you can.  The longer answer is yes, you can BUT be very careful who you go to for your social media account.

We’ll tell you why.

Buying followers on Instagram is one way of growing followers and getting more likes on Instagram as well as getting more views on Instagram.  There are plenty of companies selling the service online.

However, you do need to be very careful where you buy your Instagram followers.

Why is that?

It’s simple.  Lots of “companies” supply spam, fake followers, fake accounts, inactive accounts, and bots.

To gain followers, you definitely don’t want any of those because Instagram will penalize you – they could even end up suspending your account, the worst-case scenario is that they will ban you from their platform.

Use a Reputable Instagram Marketing Agency

Reputable Instagram marketing company like 1394TA will take your business to an other level.

There is another option.  Use a proper, reputable Instagram marketing strategy company like us, 1394ta to help with your overall marketing and your Influencer marketing too.

We do supply followers for Instagram, and we can grow your followers on Instagram.  We can also assist you with getting more views on Instagram and getting more likes on Instagram.  The biggest difference between using our service and another “company’s” service is that we only supply genuine, new Instagram followers with real, active accounts.

There’s more too.

We have very sophisticated technology that targets real Instagram users and gathers their data to our own specialist databases.  So, when you ask to buy followers for Instagram, not only do you get a stream of followers, but we supply followers that will be interested in what you do or what you sell because they are streamlined to match with your industry niche.

We’ll also replenish any lost followers!  It’s comforting to know that 1394ta is one of the biggest, global social media marketing companies and we specialize in gaining followers with relevant users, we are the best place to buy Instagram followers.

That’s one way to instantly grow your Instagram account and plenty of big businesses and Influencers already use our service.  There’s more to do too, so keep on reading for tips on how to gain more followers on Instagram below.

Instagram – An Overview

Instagram is now owned by Facebook (under its umbrella name, META).  One of the biggest and best visual social media networking platforms, it is one of the key social media channels that allows its Instagram users to post images, post pictures, post content, Instagram photos, videos, IGTV and Instagram Live Reels to highlight their brand and reach their target audience.

The beauty of Instagram is that it touches all industries and all generations.  It’s suitable for any industry and obviously, for personal use to stay in touch with friends, family, loved ones, old work colleagues, old school friends etc.

If you know how to use Instagram properly, you can really ramp up your brand or launch a career as an Instagram Influencer.  It’s also not hard to get to grips with but as we have already said, you do need to dedicate time and effort to growing your following on Instagram.

But how do you do it?

We’re going to give you our best tips on how to grow your Instagram followers, so let’s dive in!  We would recommend that you have your Instagram account open as well, as you might want to employ some of our suggestions immediately.  You can access your Instagram account by clicking here.

Our Best Tips to Help You Grow Your Instagram Followers

Try as Much As You Can to Be Unique

Stand out from other profiles in Instagram to be successful in growing your account.

Being unique on Instagram is one of the important factors in growing your account but it’s no mean feat because there are millions of businesses and other brands on the platform – and over 500,000 active Instagram Influencers, they know how to embed Instagram posts to grow followers.  So, there is a lot of competition out there.

It’s no good just copying something else that another brand or business has posted.  So avoid ripping other brands off – you will only get penalized, and you could be reported for plagiarism.

By all means, use other brands’ and business’ content as inspiration for your own content posts and stay in touch with the useful user generated content that others post.  Check their engagement and make a note of their followers (you could also follow relevant accounts which usually helps to grow followers on Instagram).

When you find content that you like on Instagram, gain inspiration from it and do it even better!

You should also try and find a point of difference that makes your Instagram profile really individual.  For example, perhaps you have an unusual hobby, or an unusual pet?  Maybe you have an extraordinary talent!

You might be an outstanding baker or an artist that uses different mediums to create your pictures.  Perhaps you’re entrepreneurial and you’ve got a business idea that no one else has thought of!  Instagram is the perfect platform to show off your talents and uniqueness.

Being different is what really grows followers on Instagram so get your creative hat on and think outside of the box.

Be Creative

Next, it’s all about getting creative.

Along with the above point, finding something unique about you for your Instagram account, how to gain more followers on Instagram does mean being different but portraying that point of difference through creativity is equally important.

You don’t have to be creative to get creative (although doubtless it helps). Instagram already has a pool of creativity to draw inspiration from so use it.

Here’s what you can do to fuel some creativity of your own!

Scroll through your own Instagram feed.  What images capture your eye as you move through the different posts and Instagram stories?  We are sure that when you tune your brain to this exercise you notice that you skip the boring images – you can’t even remember what they were or who posted them!

It is the powerful, creative posts that intrigue you.  They are the ones that usually have the most comments and likes on Instagram, they’re the posts that consistently gain traction.

Look at those posts and ask yourself why you stopped at them?  What are those posts doing so well?  Take note of those photo posts or videos that you love and actually write notes on them to help you to create content on your own.

Use Instagram’s Tools

If you’re new to Instagram, then you’ll want to know that the social media platform has a vast collection of excellent tools that you could use to ramp up the engagement on your posts.

These tools include a collection of multiple emojis, animation tools, location icons, stickers and more.  You can even add music and sounds to your posts and don’t just restrict your user generated content to still images.

Why not play around with Instagram’s video tools?  When you feel more confident in using those tools, try a Live Stream IGTV (Instagram TV) to really engage with your Instagram audience.

Take advantage of being able to interact with your engaged audience because people like to feel included.  Instagram users will follow you if you make them feel valued and important to you.  You should also tag relevant Instagram users as well.

Use Instagram Hashtags

Don’t forget to use Instagram hashtags and if you don’t know what they are, we will tell you what they’re all about.

The humble #.  First made popular on Twitter and then adopted by other social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

Put simply, hashtags are searchable terms that people look for when they want to find information.  They can be applied to anything.  Celebrities, animals, colors, clothes, pets, Influencers, pop stars, actors, places, events, brands, – really anything at all.

How Many Hashtags Can You Use on an Instagram Post?

The ideal number of hashtags for a post is 10 max.

The more obscure your hashtagging, the less likely you’ll be found so the real beauty is to keep it simple.  As you can add up to 30 hashtags to an Instagram post, you can include a few obscure hashtags if you want.  However, lots of branded hashtags on a post do make it look cluttered.  We would suggest a maximum of ten hashtags per Instagram post.

By adding a hashtag (or ten!) to your Instagram post, you make sure that it is searchable – so always add hashtags.

We will give you an example of hashtag usage.

If you are a football fan, try tagging #football in the search bar on Instagram (magnifying glass icon).  You will see literally hundreds of thousands of posts pop up.

Now narrow it down, perhaps you like a football personality?  Let’s use #davidbeckhamfootball to see what happens.

You will get lots of posts about David Beckham in a football strip or at a football club.

That’s how you use a hashtag and it’s how people can discover your Instagram content and hopefully, they will like what they see and follow your Instagram account.

Find Relevant Hashtags

You could also look at some Instagram accounts that you follow and see what their hashtags are or search your competitors and see what they use so you get an idea of the types of hashtags you should be adding to your post.  It’s also worth searching some of those hashtags to see just how popular they are.  In fact, before you hit the “post” button, check your hashtags to make sure they’re trending.  Change anything that isn’t and check again.

Don’t forget to add great Instagram captions too. For more inspiring information on Instagram hashtags, click here.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

No matter how small your business, even if you are a start-up with one person, do employ a social media marketing strategy to help grow your followers on Instagram.  Even if you have a personal account, it’s worth creating a strategy to grow your Instagram followers.

There are other reasons why you need a social media strategy, it’s not just to grow followers. If you want to leverage your business on Instagram or you want to grow as an Instagram Influencer, develop a social media strategy which should comprise of what your goals are.

In this instance, one of your goals is to grow your social media presence on Instagram and attract new followers.  Now you need a strategy.  Within that strategy you will have goals, they could be some of the following ideas (but put whatever you want on your strategy):

To establish a collab with a business, brand, or Influencer to grow followers.

To gain more views on your Live, create Instagram Reels and turn those views into followers.

Share reels and turn all the views into followers.

To turn your Instagram account into an Instagram business profile so you have more kudos with your potential followers, customers, and prospective customers.  Visit your Instagram bio and make sure it’s completed properly too.

As we said, they are just some ideas.  Next, you need to develop a strategy for each of those goals.  This should specifically list how you’re going to achieve each goal and who is responsible for completing each goal.

Your social media marketing strategy should be set for the month ahead, then three months ahead and so on.  However, it’s worth keeping in mind that your social media marketing strategy does not need to be set in stone.  It should continue to evolve, as an ongoing process and you can always change it up if you need to, add more goals, remove more goals etc.

This document should be shared amongst your team members (if you have a marketing team) so everyone knows what they’re doing and when they’re doing it.

Use Your Strategy Document Across All of Your Social Media Networking Platforms

For most businesses and brands, it’s likely that there are several social media networking platforms to grow followers.  If you use multiple platforms (even as an individual) and you want to grow your following across all of them, then make sure that each social media network has its own social marketing strategy.  You can still cross-promote anything across all of your channels too, but an individual overall strategy is always best.

All of Your Social Networks Should Have a Uniform Look

They should link together too, and all of your brands should be instantly recognizable across all of your platforms with a uniform look.

Do Schedule Your Posts in Advance

Many people are scheduling into a perfect post to share on Instagram.

To free up your time to concentrate on other things as a business, or even as an individual, take advantage of the schedule Instagram posts feature on Instagram.  This is accessible in the Instagram Creator Studio, a marvellous tool that is similar to the Facebook Creator Studio.

This is one, central place where you can manage all of your Instagram posts, schedule them, keep a content library, read your Instagram insights and analytics, and even learn how to monetize your posts.

Scheduling your posts also goes hand in hand with your social media marketing plan document, do the two together so everything lines up and works like clockwork!  Of course, you can also change up your scheduling, especially when things crop up in-between your scheduled posts.

Getting access to Instagram Creator Studio does have criteria.  You have to have 10,000 followers to access it – but there are other tools you can use to schedule your posts instead, like this useful link that’s a clickable link here: https://later.com/instagram-scheduler/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=nonbranded-instagram-scheduler-exact-uk&gclid=CjwKCAjwu_mSBhAYEiwA5BBmf3CgAl6x5I2xDfeMM7xCNRZPtMBZvHMlzeFWtbqo5A2QV8oEAKrGYxoCyzEQAvD_BwE. Or find other Instagram scheduling tools by Googling.

The real bonus with scheduling posts in advance is that you don’t have to spend hours every day deliberating what you’re going to post next!  Just make sure that notable calendar dates are always on your social media marketing strategy.

So, for example, if you are a florist and you want to grow your followers on Instagram then you know that your biggest dates will be Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas no doubt (there may well be others too – for example, September and October are the biggest birthday months, you might want to post more nearer the time!).

Don’t forget to add some exciting competitions to entice more followers and post unique offers too – these are great ways to get more followers on Instagram.  Read on to find out more about competitions.

Run Plenty of Instagram Competitions

Following on from the above point, run plenty of Instagram competitions as this helps to grow your Instagram following.  Competitions are a great way to encourage people to buy into your business and brand – you can do lots of different competitions!

Look at other competitions on Instagram.  Which ones have you entered and what made you enter them?  Which ones did you avoid and why?

You can do free entry but always ask your followers to tag you, to share your post on their Instagram story and if you’re doing a collab, make sure that your followers tag them too.

You can also use competitions to find out more about your Instagram followers.  To enter, they have to tell you what post they like best (give them a choice) or how old they are (if you want to find out more about them) or answer a few questions in a direct message (a great way to get some free market research!).

Always tell your followers when the competition will end.  As a tip, it is best not to let the competition run for too long as people soon lose interest.

Always announce and tag the winner of the competition – and perhaps, as an added incentive, give everyone who entered your Instagram competition an Instagram exclusive coupon code to encourage them to buy from you!

To avoid people unfollowing you once your competition has finished, promise them another chance to win with a new competition being launched in a few weeks.

Check Your Instagram Visibility

Have you already tried lots of the ideas and suggestions above to grow your Instagram followers, but nothing seems to have changed?  You may have bought followers already but want to see more engagement and growth?

Then the next thing that you should do is a profile check.

Check your Instagram settings.  Maybe your profile is locked on Private – that means that only your followers will see what you post on Instagram and your Instagram activity – so it will be incredibly hard to gain lots of followers.

If that’s the case – then it’s an easy fix!

Just adjust your settings so you are on Public and that means that everyone can view your account.  Just be absolutely sure that anything very private (that you don’t want people to view) isn’t visible.

Remember, if you’re worried about being hounded on Instagram, you can block followers too (it just means that they will also be invisible to you).

Check Out Your Competitors

For those of you who read our blog posts regularly, you will know that we always tell you to check out your competitors.  It is so important because without doing so, you won’t know if there’s something they’re doing that you should be doing too.

You also won’t be able to spot any opportunity areas quickly and easily.

So – research your competition regularly.  What do they do well?  What don’t they do well?  What posts get their biggest engagement?  Who are your competitors’ biggest fans? We suggest you follow their big fans too.  Most people check out their new followers and it is fairly likely that you will collect some new followers just by doing this.

Whatever you competitors do well, make sure that you do it even better!  As we have already said though, don’t just copy what they’re doing, find a point of difference to make that post yours.

Do Some Collabs

This is a brilliant way to gather more followers on Instagram quickly.  A collab is when you work with another brand or business to highlight your products or services and theirs too.  It’s like a competition, with another Instagram user but it’s different in that it doesn’t have to be in a competition sense!

So, you could find an Influencer and pay them (either in monetary terms or in free stuff and services) to wear one of your products/use one of your products and tag you.  If they have thousands of followers, it is highly likely that those followers will take note of the tag and follow you too.

See what Influencers are around in your market. These are people that resonate with your brand or use products or services similar to yours. If you offer out some free product in exchange for a tag or a photograph it’s incredible how this can leverage your business.

Just one tag can get you numerous followers because these people have really strong influence, and their followers want to wear or do the same as them. Reach out via private message and see what’s involved, every influencer works differently and some work with agents who represent them.

Do a Paid Instagram Promotion

An Instagram post promotion help to reach out a wider audience.

Another sure-fire way of gaining more followers on Instagram is to run a paid promotion.  It’s a little like pay per click except it’s called CPC – cost per click and costs anything from 20 cents to $2 per click.

Instagram will promote your post according to your demographics, so reach more people and hopefully, if your post is exciting and inviting, you will gain more followers.

There are a few things you need to bear in mind with paid promotions on Instagram:

  • You have to say that your promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Instagram.
  • You must have a business account, so if your account is a personal account, go into your settings and switch it over.
  • Price of promotion depends on your industry, some industries cost more than others.

Buy Followers on Instagram

Yes, we know, we’ve talked about this one before but if you need followers fast and you’re not getting the results that you hoped for, skip all of the hard work and buy Instagram followers from 1394ta instead.  We’ll get you the followers you need within 24 hours of placing your order.  During that time, we’ll be busy matching followers to your industry and Instagram account, drip feeding them through to you as we locate them.

The best place to buy followers on Instagram is through us and that’s because we don’t deal with fakes. It’s one of the ways how to get more followers on Instagram. Lots of big brands and influencers use our Instagram follower service for instant followers as it saves an awful lot of time and energy! Plus as our accounts are all genuine Instagrammers, we match our accounts to your brand or lifestyle, so you get real engagement and people who are genuinely interested in what you do. As well as being able to buy Instagram followers, you can also buy likes, and buy views – we specialize in it all.

Be Uniform Across All of Your Online Platforms and Digital Marketing

All social media marketing platforms should keep your looks the same.

By this we mean keep your look the same across all of your social media marketing platforms.  It helps you to be instantly recognizable by your current followers and gives your accounts more clout.  There’s nothing worse than two or three different looks across different social media marketing platforms.  It just confuses people and makes you look less credible.

Have One Tone of Voice and Don’t Send Out Mixed Messages

So, make sure you profile on Instagram reflects your website, your other social media platforms, and any content you have online. Have one tone of voice and use this consistently. Stick with the same fonts and keep your colors the same – this is your brand livery and it’s what makes you look credible too. Don’t send mixed messages out by doing different things on different social media platforms. Everything shouldn’t be exactly the same, but it should be similar.

Final Words on Growing Instagram Followers Fast

We would like to conclude our piece on how to grow Instagram followers quickly by saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day!  However, you can still grow your Instagram account in a day using our buy Instagram follower service.

Meanwhile, focus on all of the above ideas to grow your online Instagram presence, post consistently on your Instagram grid and you are bound to increase your followers on Instagram and become an impressive profile.  Best of luck in your quest for Instagram stardom!