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Doesn't it sound good - to have thousands or millions of followers on your account?

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Social media counts, especially if you’re a brand, or an Influencer. People hop onto social media to find something that they love, well, that’s one of many reasons. That’s why it’s so important for brands and businesses to be active on social media. Their follower count is important but so is yours. If you have a large following, you could be selected to become an Influencer! That means that almost every social media user feels tempted to have more! More followers of course – but it’s important to choose your partner carefully. You don’t want a supply of bots for example.

An Iphone screen folder with all social media apps.
Two fingers are holding a sad face emoji cube.

Do social media users aware about what if they buy Instagram followers for nothing?

If you don’t buy from a reputable company, then you might end up with a load of followers that will harm your account. You could be buying bots and fake accounts, not authentic Instagram followers. This happens – a lot – and users that buy from unreputable companies report that after buying cheap Instagram followers, their Instagram accounts’ become damaged, with a loss of credibility. Posts stop displaying on the Explore Pages, or on account feeds. In fact, buying cheap Instagram followers from fake companies causes harm, not good.

It’s all about the Instagram social media algorithms which instantly detects profiles that have boosted their accounts with fake followers – the algorithm penalizes this type of activity and guarantees that you don’t appear on other users’ feeds, the real Instagram accounts with real Instagram followers.

Fake followers distort your Instagram growth. You can never be sure about your real metrics, buying followers that are fake, will blur feedback you get from your loyal followers too.

You may be banned from Instagram for violation of community guidelines because you haven't got real Instagram followers.

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Important Terms For Real Users on Instagram

Instagram in a Nutshell

Instagram is a free, online social network platform that enables us to share photos and short video clips in our profile. Instagram allows editing and uploading of photos and short videos. Users can upload posts and use hashtags to be found on the explore page.

The wrong package may give you instagram bot followers which is equal to an empty walnut, so be careful while you buy an Instagram package.
A woman holdiing a smartphone and ready to purchase instagram followers to lead her to a better networking.

In addition to this, there is something called the Instagram algorithm that detemines which posts are seen by a variety of people and which aren’t. There is more than one algorithm and there are many factors that determine Instagram’s algorithms. Instagram’s algorithm is the subject of the next article, “Create a Profile That Works with Instagram’s Algorithm

Instagram Influencer

An influencer is someone who is a regular content creator with a huge number of social media followers, and whose opinions are valued by those Instagram followers. Social media Influencers have the power to change someone’s mind and influence them in the decisions they make, they’re the accounts with the most Instagram comments and interactions.

Furthermore, they inspire people with the content they share. They are generally the people who set trends and present their Instagram followers with sponsored content.

A happy lady having a video call online on a mobile phone.

If a person knows how to use the Instagram algorithm for their benefit, they can gain a high number of followers on Instagram, they also know where to buy their Instagram followers (do you know where to buy Instagram followers? Buy followers on Instagram followers from 1394ta!). Whether they buy IG followers or build up their own Instagram followers over time, Influencers try to share their content according to Instagram’s algorithm. Otherwise, Instagram could punish their profile by not displaying it to other Instagram followers.

Here are a few ways that help to engage Instagram followers with the right content, shared according to Instagram's algorithm:

Create a Profile That Works with Instagram's Algorithm

Did you know that you can use Instagram more effectively by getting to know how the Instagram algorithm works?

Do You Know Instagram Well?

Instagram is currently one of the most used social media platforms in the world.

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Instagram as an profesional platform is giving the option to buy Instagram followers via paypal.
Posting a large number of stories on Instagram help massively to gain Instagram followers.


Instagram, is just like a combination of many media platforms.

  • It is the place for a person, brand, celebrity, Influencer or business to freely express and promote their content.
  • It gathers people of the same minds, interests, and business sectors.
  • It is an open space where you can share anything (non-violent of course).
  • It keeps a sense of freedom, collective consciousness, and is a way of expression.
  • It plays an important role in keeping people on Instagram engaged.
  • It’s an open space where users learn how to get more Instagram followers to be even more visible online.
  • In summary, for so many reasons, Instagram is the place where expression, news, and communication is easily shared in modern society.
  • Note that there is a system that works in the background, and that’s the Instagram algorithm.
Search for apps that sell Instagram packages and gain Instagram followers to make your profile boost.
Instagram as an profesional platform is giving the option to buy Instagram followers via paypal.
Posting a large number of stories on Instagram help massively to gain Instagram followers.

What Is The Instagram Algorithm / How Does It Work?

Instagram's algorithm is the method by which Instagram examines interactions, users, how much time users spend on the platform, collects users' information, and presents the best content to its users.

How To Use An Instagram Business Account For Impressive Growth

While most people view Instagram as a platform where to interact with other people, it’s also a great way to boost brand recognition.

Having an Instagram business account is one of the best ways to get products seen by a legion of new, potential customers. Did you know that 8 of the 50 most followed Instagram profiles in 2022 were business accounts?

New Eyes Means New Customers!

There is no denying that advertising is a surefire way of reaching new audiences. Considering there are 1.9 billion Instagrammers worldwide, there is no shortage of potential customers on the platform. So, your Instagram business account could kickstart your quest for a bigger customer base!

A happy lady holding a smartphone while she finds out best ınstagram followers app.
A lady holding a smartphone and learning how to get Insta followers.

Whether you are just a startup trying to be seen by more people, or the owner of a well-established business, an Instagram business account will help you increase visibility. If you need visibility fast – and it’s very hard to get that visibility when you’re just starting out on the platform, to help, why don’t you buy Instagram followers? Instagram followers are new “eyes” for your new customers. Your Instagram growth depends on the way you gain followers. The more followers you have – the more followers you’ll gain because psychologically, if your account has a large following, people feel that it must be an interesting account to follow.

Being seen by new people opens your account up to new markets and essentially helps you to grow more profit. Having an Instagram account really helps to grow your brand. It’s a simple equation, more “eyes” = more customers.

If you want more followers, you could choose to buy real Instagram followers from 1394ta. There's no need to worry, because 1394ta's followers are not bots. They're always genuine. Nobody wants to know how to get fake followers on Instagram, and with 1394ta, there's no hesitation - you'll be buying unique followers to build your presence on social media.

Promoted Posts and Ads Will Help You Grow

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned advertisement to get your name out there. Investing in ads on Instagram is a great way to generate more traffic to your Instagram business account. By targetting your sponsored posts to other people’s news feeds, you can grow your account faster than ever before!

There are a couple of different ways to advertise on Instagram:

You have to remember this is not traditional corporate advertisement. This is your account so you can be as creative as you want and have fun with it. Show your personality with the originality of your posts to draw attention to your Instagram business account.

Choose an Influencer According to their Niche

There are lots of Influencers involved in all different industry sectors:

A niche can apply to demographics as well, not just the industry: cat mom, single parent etc. Mommy bloggers’ appeared in the late 90s and could be considered as the very the first examples of an influencer.

Many relationship bloggers share their relationships with family members and romantic partners, along with relationship tips in general. All of the above are the different types of Influencer niche areas that could help you further grow your Instagram presence.

Get Your Hashtags Right

With the right hashtags you can target audiences that might be interested in your products.

Types of Instagram ads

You can choose the best ad type that matches your business goal. Buying Instagram followers will also help you to become more visible on Instagram.

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Fashion Instagram Influencers You Should Follow During Fashion Week

The time for fashion enthusiasts has come, Paris fashion week will be held next week, we listed 5 influencers you should follow during Paris Fashion Week.

Influencers just know how to gain Instagram followers whenever they want, but when it comes to Fashion Influencers, their biggest opportunty is during the Fashion Weeks, when Instagram users follow them to see what they’re up to when visiting the shows and what their opinions are.

The Fashion Weeks are the time for fashion enthusiasts to come together.

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most coveted weeks of the year. We’ve listed the top 5 Influencers you should follow during Paris Fashion Week so you can be part of what’s happening – and often while it’s live!


A lady maifesting that she found the best place to buy Instagram followers
For all the bloggers in Instagram is important to get more instagram followers everyday.

Influencers are the Instagram accounts that have huge social media following, can influence their audience, and consequently can influence their followers’ purchasing decisions. For example, Bloggers, YouTubers, and a variety of other Influencers use social media channels to expand their reach and gain new followers.

Instagram Influencers in the fashion area engage with their followers very regularly. Sharing a post on Instagram or uploading a story can be done very quickly, far quicker than creating a YouTube video (which can take a very long time!).

To become an Instagram Influencer, the first step is to identify a niche that fits your personality and area that you’re interested in. It should be surrounding a topic that you’re passionate about and that you know about too. Don’t try and be an Influencer in an area that you don’t know much about – because there’s a lot of competition out there and you’ll likely fail.

Remember that an Instagram Influencer is someone who has built credibility in a certain field, has access to a large audience, and can encourage others to follow their advice.

Two influencers posing in the same picture, taggin each other in order to gain instagram followers from each others' profile.
Two fashionable ladies assisting one another to get more instagram followers.

Influencer marketing is quickly growing to become a critical tool in a company’s strategy and when done correctly can deliver remarkable results. Influencer marketing has climbed 42% in the last year, with 63% of companies expected to raise their expenditure for Influencer marketing in the coming year. This huge increase also affects Fashion Influencers positively.

Fashion Instagram influencers have the potential to have a significant impact on the industry’s future.

If you are an Influencers loook for more engagement, why don't you buy active Instagram followers?

Fashion Instagram Influencers Impact

Influencers have a huge impact on their followers, through their stories, posts, or Reels. Additionally, Fashion Instagram influencers have the potential to have a significant impact on the industry’s future. As the Fashion Weeks are some of the most anticipated events of the year, followers who can’t attend these events physically can still be a part of them by following social media and relevant Influencers.

A happy lady reacording a video on how to gain Instagram followers.
A makeup artist adding video content to his profile so he can grow Instagram followers.

Fashion Instagram Influencers use unique stories, branded hashtags, and Influencer-created content to attract and engage more people. Top Instagram Fashion Influencers revolutionize the way companies and consumers connect with one another. Fashion is such a visual market, that channels place strong emphasis on showcasing high-quality photos and videos of catwalk fashion shows. Fashion Influencers can also show off their own Fashion Week outfits and designs on Instagram.

To master the art of customer connection on Instagram, more fashion-based marketers are turning to Instagram Fashion Influencers. Brands adore social media Influencers because they can start trends and persuade their fans to buy the items they promote. Especially, during the Fashion Weeks! There’s so much opportunity to use Instagram Influencers to visualize their brands for their consumers.

5 Fashion Instagram Influencers You Should Follow

When determining the list of Instagram Influencers, impact and engagement is as important as who has the most followers on Instagram. For brands, it’s about Instagram’s engagement rate, not the number of followers. At the end of the day, visualization and attraction are the most important elements. To get followers interested is crucial – and even more importantly, to sell to those followers is the win!

Hanged clothes on a photoshooting set for instagram models.
Guide to grow Instagram followers while attending Runways with dozens of models.

While making the list we put through these conditions;

  • Recognize, respect, and cherish your brand or the event
  • Target demographic.
  • The audience “goes with” and complements the brand or the event.
@camilacoelho icon-check-profile
  • 11,658 posts
  • 975 following

Camila is a fashion, beauty, and, lifestyle blogger and Instagram Influencer. Her motto is “Share LOVE wherever you go”. While she posts about fashion and influences other related stuff, she also posts her daily life and experiences which attracts an even larger following. Coelho has been seen in the front row of some of the world’s most prestigious fashion events while appearing on the covers of In Style, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and L’Officiel magazines, etc.

@iamhearte icon-check-profile
  • 11,658 posts
  • 975 following

Heart Evangelista is a Fashion and Beauty Instagram Influencer who has also her own brand. She uses Instagram stories most effectively to reflect her own fashion and lifestyle. She is a Filipino actress and married to Sorsogon governor Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

@oliviapalermo icon-check-profile
  • 1,868 posts
  • 473 following

Olivia Palermo is the founder of her own brand and has made huge impact on other beauty and fashion Instagram Influencers. In 2018 Palermo was named Banana Republic’s first Women’s Global Style Ambassador.

@negin_mirsalehi icon-check-profile
  • 7,576 posts
  • 852 following

Mirsaleh influences through her Instagram posts and stories. She is the founder of her own beauty brand . Negin adores things with a backstory, sparkle, and exquisite silhouettes.

@leoniehanne icon-check-profile
  • 3,629 posts
  • 1,316 following

Leonie Hanne is the queen of OOTD (outfit of the day) Reels, followers recognize her through her outstanding fashion outfits. She’s great at displaying unique combinations of clothes and while she has the least amout of followers on this list,she has the biggest influence among them, which enforces the idea of engagement over follower count.

@olivier_rousteing icon-check-profile
  • 7,599 posts
  • 1,831 following

Olivier is a French designer and Balmain’s creative director. Through his style and design, he possibly is the most influential person to follow during Paris Fashion Week. He is also due to be the next designer for Jean-Paul Gaultier Haute Couture. You should follow him to see and learn more about Fashion Week and being an Instagram Influencer.

Between the 28th of February and the 8th of March, the whole world will track Paris Fashion Week, which is organized by the French Fashion Federation and has over 100 shows from prominent fashion houses.

If you don’t want to feel like an outcast (!), you can follow these Influencers. Also, dont forget to follow the most popular fashion houses such as Gucci, Channel, Louis Vuitton, and Balmain who will hold their fashion runways on Instagram. You can follow these events through hashtag captions for Instagram like #PFW, #ParisFashionWeek22 #PFW22, etc.


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