Find out all about how to post on Instagram (owned by Meta – they also own Facebook) and save time. Learn how to post images, video files, Carousel Posts, a single post and post Instagram Stories in this brilliantly useful guide just using your phone!

Whether you’re new to Instagram (welcome to one of the most popular social media platforms in the world – with 6 billion global users!) or you’ve used the platform for a short while, knowing how to post successfully does make a difference.  From the very basics to creating great, exciting content, and sharing it with your users so you grow your account, there’s nothing we don’t know about how to post on Instagram.

Get to Know All of Instagram’s Features

To successfully use Instagram, it is important to get familiar with all of the site’s features. First and foremost, it is essential to understand how to get more followers on Instagram.

It’s not just about sharing your very first post, it’s also about understanding the other Instagram features, such as Carousel Posts and Instagram Stories.

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds and once you know how you’ll be doing it all day. Let us help you get to grips with what you need to do in this useful article.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to post on Instagram using images, videos, Instagram Stories, Carousel posts and even adding stickers.

Let’s dive straight in!

How to Post on Instagram Direct to Your Instagram Feed

Starting with the basics is always the best idea and it’s also a good idea to use the Instagram mobile site rather than a desktop (although it’s still possible to post from a computer, it’s just not as quick and easy).  Posting a new photo or video on Instagram direct to your news feed is the very basic art of posting photos on Instagram and posting multiple photos too.

Your news feed is where you’ll post an image, photograph, or video to your page, so it appears in the news feed of your followers.

The Basic Steps to Posting on Instagram

  • So let’s get started with the basic steps as follows, use a mobile device as you get a better experience although you can still post to Instagram from a desktop browser (use Google Chrome as a suggestion):
  • Start at Instagram home (from your mobile rather than your desktop computer).
  • Log into your Instagram account using the Instagram mobile app, sign in if you need to.
  • Locate the + (plus symbol) post button situated at the bottom of your profile page.
  • Choose the image you want to share or click select the video you want to post.  You’ll be given options to share the content from your camera roll or you could take a photograph or record a video in the Instagram app using the double click button on the side of your mobile device.
  • There are other options too but perform the above steps first and click share your content if you’re an Instagram newbie using the NEXT button in the top right corner (not the bottom left corner).

Resizing Your Image or Video

Instagram give you an option to resize your image or video before you post it to you feed.

  • You can also resize your image or video by simply pinching the screen with your thumb and forefinger to change size. If you’re used to performing the above steps, why not add a Boomerang or a Layout?  Both of these are features of Instagram.
  • Boomerang is a microscopic video, so your content has some quick movement (and stands out more than a static image).

Creating a Collage

Creating a collage is a great way to express your creativity and individuality. Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to help perfect your collage-making skills. One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating a collage is how to get more likes on Instagram.

  • Layout is a collage feature with overlapping squares and lots of other collage designs.  To use either of these, click on the icons. You’ll have to download Boomerang and Layout as they are separate apps, the icon will direct you to the App store to do this, if you want to use them.  Try each feature and see what they do to your Instagram posts!

Changing the Filters and Editing

  • Perhaps you want to filter or edit your photograph or video?  You can change the filters before you share your content by choosing different saturations (Clarendon or Willow for example) and you’ll be given the option to do so at the bottom right corner of the screen before you tap share for your content.  If you’ve already edited your photographs outside of Instagram, then skip this step.  Just click Next to move on.

Add Your Caption and Hashtags

  • Then, there’s the opportunity to customize and add your caption and your hashtags, don’t skip this!  Your caption is as important as the image you post (more on captions later), and your hashtags are what get your Instagram account noticed (more on hashtags later). You’ll also get the opportunity to tag people if you want to and you can add a location as well.

Tagging Other Instagram Users

If you want to know how to get more views on Instagram There are many different strategies that you can use on your Instagram profile. One of the most effective methods is tagging other users who may be influential or popular in your industry.

You can add Location to your post to show the place your picture or video was taken.

  • To tag people, simply tap on the prompt below the image and add their name using the keypad.  To add location, click on the prompt.  Don’t worry about the other fields, they’re for more advanced Instagram posting.

Share Your Content

When it comes to effectively building your brand and attracting real Instagram followers, effective content is key. Whether you’re sharing pictures of your latest product offerings or just updating followers with the latest news from your company, it’s important to keep things fresh and interesting

  • Next, it’s time to share your content, click the share icon at the top (right hand corner) and your content will become live for all of your followers to enjoy!  Once you click post, your content will be available for all to see (depending on your Instagram privacy settings of course).  Don’t forget to respond to all of your comments to engage with other Instagram users!

Failed to Load?

If you get an “alt text” message, this simply means that you failed to connect to the internet, so your Instagram post failed to load.  Check your connectivity and try again when you’re back online!

Deleting Your Post

If you want to delete your image, just click on the three dots at the top right corner of your image and you’ll be able to choose delete from the prompt.

How to Post on Instagram – More About Using Captions and Hashtags

We’d say that you should always add a caption to go with the mood of your image but try and make it as fun or informative as possible.  Keep it brief, to the point and relevant as well.  Do check your spelling and grammar, especially if you’re a business!

Be Inspired By Other Instagram Users’ Hashtags and Captions

You can be funny, poignant, cheeky, informative, professional – whatever you want, there are no rules when it comes to creating captions but why not look at what other Instagram users type when they caption their photographs or images for inspiration?  When it comes to how to post on Instagram – what captions stand out and make you look at a post?  Perhaps you could adopt a similar strategy?

Get to Know Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram users add hashtags to look for something specific.

Hashtags (#) are the search tags that people use when they’re looking for something specific.

For example, let’s say you’re looking for a pair of new jeans or you want some outfit inspiration.  You might search #jeans in the search bar on Instagram or narrow it down to #bluejeans for a blue pair, #skinnyjeans for a skinny pair, #momfitjeans for mom fit.  You may want inspiration, so you’d type #jeansoutfitinspiration.

Think about the hashtags you want to be searched for and add these.  Look at what other similar Instagram accounts use for their hashtags and see what their engagement is (how many people like and follow their account, for example).

You can use the same hashtags as they do, and you can use up to 30 hashtags for each post – so hashtag away to your heart’s content!  For hashtag inspiration, check out this useful post.

How to Post on Instagram with Carousel Posts

Instagram let you post more than one photo or video to a singel post.

Once you’re familiar with basic posting (videos, images etc. and adding your captions/hashtags/Boomerang/Layout), it’s time to move onto bigger and better posts!  We’re going to walk you through how to post Carousel Posts.  They’re growing more and more popular on Instagram and they’re excellent if you’re a brand as they share lots of information quickly.

Using Carousel Posts, you are able to share multiple images and videos in one post instead of splitting them up into lots of different posts.

Carousel Posts are great for sharing ideas, to share tips, introducing the people in your business or showcasing lots of products or services at once.

Steps to Follow to Create Your Carousel Post

Here are the steps you need to follow to create your Carousel Post:

  • Follow the steps to posting on Instagram as above and start from the Instagram home page on a mobile device (better than a desktop computer).
  • When you reach the post option, choose “Carousel” – it’s in the bottom area of the image, on the right-hand side.
  • Now, you need to choose all of the other images you want to include, and Carousel gives you the option of selecting up to 10 different images.
  • Once you’ve chosen your images, click on NEXT.
  • Now you could edit and adjust each image if you want using the adjustment tabs – it does take time, be patient!
  • The next step is to enter your caption, tag relevant people or businesses and add a location if you want to.  Make sure all the images are uniform (they must have the right dimensions for example).
  • Carefully check all your images before you’re ready to share and go ahead and share your first Carousel.

How to Post on Instagram Using Instagram Stories

You’re well on your way to being an Instagram posting expert now you know how to post on Instagram using the basics and using Carousel.  Next up, it’s posting Stories.

Instagram stories been posted on Instagram.

What Are Insta Stories? 

Instagram Stories are the posts that appear right at the top of the screen in your home feed.  They’re the small profile circular pictures that showcase other people’s Stories.  When you click on each, you view the followers who have shared Stories one by one (you can jump through the Stories or select the Stories you want to view rather than watching them all).

For businesses and brands, Instagram Stories are ideal for growing audience engagement and supercharging your brand awareness.

Steps to Help You Post an Instagram Story

Here are the steps to know how to post on Instagram with a Story:

  • Look at the top right-hand side of your Instagram home page and locate the camera icon.
  • Take photographs or a video by pressing on the circular button at the bottom of the screen.  You could also swipe upwards to upload photographs and videos from your camera roll instead if you prefer.
  • Your Story is nearly ready but don’t share it yet.  This is your chance to dress it up.
  • Swipe left to access the filters available for Instagram Stories.
  • Change your filters if you want to and next, add stickers, text, and other filters that you can see.
  • If you don’t want to add any stickers or other filters, just share your Story.
  • Before your Instagram Story goes live, you’ll get the opportunity to share it with close friends or select individual people or groups.  Choose the option you want and share.

How to Post on Instagram – Advanced Instagram Stories

There are many different tips and tricks that can help you to optimize your Instagram posts, especially when it comes to using Instagram Stories. One of the most effective strategies is buy Instagram like. By increasing your engagement levels and getting more likes on your posts, you will be able to draw more attention to your profile and improve your overall reach, which can ultimately lead to more followers and a stronger presence on the platform.

The above steps relate to basic Instagram story sharing but there are advanced settings and steps.  We’re going to discuss Camera Modes first.

Camera Modes

On the Stories area you’ll see a horizontal list at the bottom of your screen.  This is where you can change your camera mode into either Live, Boomerang, Layout, Create etc.  Here’s some information on each:

  • Hands-free, normal, and live. These are the basics. Use the hands-free mode for longer videos (best for selfies). Live is good when you want to interact with your followers in a live setting and normal camera mode is your normal video filming mode.
  • Layout mode is your collage mode. You do need to download this from the app store and if you haven’t done so yet, when you select this mode, you’ll be directed to the store. When you open this mode up, you’ll see a prompt that asks you to snap up to 6 different photographs. Alternatively, you could upload the images straight from your camera roll. Next, you’ll be given a few different layout options. Just choose the one you like and click on the +, then you could add text, tags, filters, and other icons if you want to. Have a play around! When you’re finished, just share your layout.
  • Create. This mode is fast and furious plus it gives you access to lots of fun, creative Instagram tools. You can text, shout out to your fans, add GIFs, conduct a poll, ask questions, ask for donations, create a countdown to a launch, mention other people and more.

What About Instagram Stickers?

Sticker icons Instagram users use while posting on Instagram.

Have you seen the sticker icon?  When you know how to post on Instagram to share a story or post an image, you might see a little, square smiley face at the top of your screen before you share, this is your sticker icon.

Why don’t you try clicking on it and see all the stickers available?  Choose one or choose multiple stickers to add to your image or video.  You can also use the sticker options in Layout or Boomerang mode or Create mode.

Final Words

We have covered the basics to help you leverage your account and some slightly more advanced methods to help you understand how to post on Instagram. You’ll soon know how well your posts perform when you analyse your post engagement, such as the number of likes.

If you’re not getting the likes, you want but you’re convinced your posts are great, you could always buy likes for Instagram.  Always use a reputable company to do this because you want genuine accounts to like your posts, and help you stay visible on news feeds.

There are other posting features available when it comes to how to post on Instagram, but they are relatively complicated if you don’t understand the basics first.  Our recommendation would be to become super-savvy at basic Instagram posting, using Carousel and Instagram Stories plus get to grips with adding stickers, emojis, glitter and other filters.

Once you can use all of these filters, you are adept at using Layout, Boomerang, Create and the other camera modes then move onto more advanced features.

Finally, always check your posts before you share them and take time with each post to get them just right.  That’s the key to growing your Instagram account and getting views for Instagram.  Now you know all about how to post on Instagram – the basics.