Any business or brand nowadays needs to have social media presence.  It’s not enough to just create Instagram accounts or a Facebook page account – or even a Twitter account (and other partners on social media).  You need to make sure that your social media marketing account is a new business account, and it should be part of your marketing strategy.  Having one will provide you with certain features you’ll wonder how you ever lived without!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re one of many small businesses, an Instagram Business Account is essential for all industries and it’s one of the most popular browsers with an abundance of performance features.  Especially shopping, let’s say you have a clothing line, you could sell directly to your customers with an Instagram Business Account!  You just need to know how to make it work properly for you and adjust your offer settings.  Controls vary, but there’s lots of information controls to use it’s about getting to know them.

In this guide, we will tell you why you need an Instagram Business Profile for your company or brand, and we will also give you the reasons why.

So, let’s not waste any more time (after all – you want to get on with building your business’ social media presence!), let’s go but before you start, please make sure you’ve disabled browser cookies.

A Word on Browser Cookies

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Just a couple of words on cookies.  You only need essential and optional cookies, not just essential cookies.  Be aware of controlling your cookies as it is all about how different data appears on websites.

How To Create Instagram for Business

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Instagram is one of Facebook’s products (Meta products) so it’s easy to link your Facebook page because they use similar technologies, and the partners provide lots of information to help.

In order to get Instagram followers, you will also need to actively promote your account on other channels such as social media and your website. Additionally, you should stay active and responsive on Instagram in order to build a base of loyal followers who are engaged with your business.

Facebook provide help with Instagram if you need it for new customers in the business category. First, let’s start by discussing how you can create your company’s Instagram business account.  As we’ve already mentioned, any business, no matter what size (start-up, small, medium, or global corporate) needs an Instagram presence.  It’s to engage better with your audience on a social level and it’s an especially useful marketing tool.

Mind blowing Instagram for Business Statistics

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Instagram has over 1 billion active users which means it is one of the best social media marketing networking platforms of all and invaluable for business use.  Furthermore, another exciting statistic is that more than 200 million business accounts operate on the Instagram platform.  Have a look here.

So, the truth is, if you don’t have an Instagram business account you are genuinely missing out on all that opportunity to really grow brand awareness for your business and increase audience engagement.

We’ve convinced you, right?

Creating an Instagram Business Account

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If you are looking to create a successful Instagram account for your business, one of the most important first steps is to set up an Instagram business account. With a business account, you will be able to buy likes Instagram  and other engagements through external services, which can help to boost your account’s exposure and give your posts more visibility within the Instagram community.

First things first, you need to know how to create your Instagram business account and it’s not hard to do.  We’ve made it extra-easy for you by listing out some effortless steps to get you started:

  • Do you have Instagram accounts?  If not, you need to sign up.
  • The best way to sign up is through your mobile device so keep it handy.
  • Go to the app store on your iOS or Android device and search for Instagram.
  • Download the social media network to your device.
  • Follow the very easy sign-up prompts.
  • Next, select Business Account (NOT Personal Account), tap edit profile.
  • Already have a Personal Profile?  No problem, you can easily switch it by shifting the prompt over to Business Account.
  • Now you need to complete your profile and you need to do it properly or you won’t be accepted.  It must have your Instagram handle, bio (keep it brief), a profile picture (or logo) and your website link, if you have a website).
  • You’re ready to post your first Instagram posts!

Other Useful Features

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Now you have an Instagram Business account there are other things that you can do with it.  You can link your Instagram Business account to your other social media marketing networking platforms, for example, to your Facebook page.  At the sign-up stage, you will receive a prompt asking if you wish to complete this step.

Building Up Your Instagram Business Account’s Followers

looking at followers profiles in business account.

If you had a Personal Instagram Account and you switched over to a new Business Account then you probably had some followers.  Don’t worry, you won’t lost them, they will just move over to your Business Account page, and they won’t even notice the switch over!  However, if you’re new to Instagram, one of the most important things to do is to start adding followers.

f you are looking to build up your business account on Instagram, there are a number of strategies that you can leverage to help increase your followers and grow your brand. One of the most effective methods is to purchase instant views, which provide an instant boost to the reach and visibility of your account.

Ideas to Build Your Instagram for Business Account’s Following

There are lots of things you can do to help grow your following on Instagram, here are some ideas:

  • Follow all of your friends and family and ask them to follow you back.
  • Follow all of your colleagues and again, request a follow-back.
  • Ask your suppliers to follow you and follow them back.
  • If you have an email database, tell all of your customers that you’re now live on Instagram and invite them to follow you.  You could also offer an incentive to them for doing so, such as a 10% off when they follow you using a special code (do check they’ve actually followed your Instagram Business Account!).
  • Follow other accounts that could be interesting to your business, for example, competitors and Instagram Influencers in your industry.  Don’t forget to tag the Instagram Influencers regularly so they realize that they’re being tagged – the holy grail is to get a follow back!
  • Find the right Instagram Influencers in your industry (perhaps by performing a Google search) and invite them to follow your account – don’t forget to follow theirs as well!
  • Look at what Instagram users follow your competitors.  Then, follow them – you could even instant message them with an incentive to follow you back, such as the discount code we mentioned earlier.
  • Run a competition, do special Instagram offers, giveaway a product or service in return for your current followers sharing your post and tagging their friends.  You should pick up some followers this way. Make your competition posts fun with interactive stickers so they stand out!  You could even add your email signature to personalize your business profile even more.
  • Now you’re an Instagram Business Account (a professional account) you can run a sponsored post (Instagram ads) which means your single post gets shown on Instagram feeds that are relevant to your business.  This usually encourages lots of followers!  If you need help, reach out to advertising and management services.
  • You could also buy Instagram followers from a reputable Instagram marketing company that specializes in cherry picking the right Instagram accounts who would interact and engage with your brand.
  • Always have professional looking photos to give your brand credibility and share photos regularly.
  • Use the available analytics tools to see how well your posts perform.
  • Respond to all direct messages to create dialogue and build brand loyalty.
  • When you advertise, personalise ads to your target audience using Instagram’s ad settings, ad formats and ad preferences.  You could also run an ad with  participating companies – like a collab!
  • Use a branded hashtag to make sure your user generated content is highly visible in search results.
  • As well as regularly posting photos, try Instagram Stories as they’re exceptionally popular.
  • We’ve gone into some more detail below to help you get to grips with creating your first Instagram Business Account (professional account):

Download Instagram

downloading Instagram app from Appstore

The first step to having an Instagram Business Account is to download Instagram to your device.  If you prefer, you can use a desktop version, but you do get a much better user experience through using the Instagram app.  Here’s a link to the desktop version: (

The next step is to click on Create New Account.  Simply follow Instagram’s prompts to set yourself up with your new Instagram Business Account.

You will open up a sign-up form that you have to fill in and be as thorough as possible.  You will be asked for the following information:

  • Your business email address.
  • Your company name.
  • Your username.

Once you have Instagram downloaded, you can start posting photos and videos, following other users, and creating Stories. If you want to get more followers, you can pay for Instagram followers.

You Need to Set a Password

a girl setting password for her Instagram account

You will need to set a password.  Make sure it’s a unique name and ensure it’s secure to avoid your account being defrauded.  You might want to check Instagram’s user guidelines to make sure that you have completed all fields correctly and that you’re compliant.  If you don’t complete the form correctly you might end up with an account suspension.  We’d recommend not using the same password as your Facebook page.

Once your profile is set up you need to switch your Personal Instagram Accounts over to an Instagram Business Account – only if you had a personal account to start with.  It’s easy to do, just hop onto your Instagram profile page and locate the three, small dash lines that are in the upper right corner.

Just tap “Settings” and choose “Account” from that page.

Next, it’s just a matter of switching your personal account to an Instagram Business Account by choosing the prompt “Switch to Professional Account.”

Do You Want a Creator Account?

The next step is whether or not you want a “Creator” account.  If you’re a public figure, an Instagram content creator, or an Influencer, we would suggest this type of Instagram business account.  If not, select “Business.”

You’re ready to customize your profile.  To get this section complete, you’ll need to select a profile picture.  We’d suggest using your logo or something similar and recognizable for your audience.

Once you’ve uploaded your desired logo or image, you’ll need to craft your bio and complete your company information.  Include your website address, your store opening hours (if you have one) and your contact information.  It’s important that all of this information is correct and visible, so check it before you move on, although you can always update it if you make an error or miss something out.

How to Use Your Instagram Business Account

Post Content on Instagram Using Your Instagram Business Account

taking photos and videos for posting them, on Instagram

All done?  Great!  Now it’s that exciting moment when you post your first content.  You must have some content before you can promote your business account.

Of course, it’s hard to think of the best type of content but we’d suggest starting with an introductory post, perhaps a few words about who you are and what you do.

Make it personable, inject a little fun and add some relevant hashtags.  These are searchable terms that people use when looking for specific Instagram content and they help you get noticed.

Be very simple to begin with.  If you’re a restaurant, use #restaurantinNYC (change your location accordingly!), you can also home in on specifics, so let’s say you’re a vegetarian restaurant, use #vegetarianrestaurantNYC or you’re a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn, #ChineserestaurantBrooklyn – don’t be shy or take a look at what branded hashtags your competitors use for inspiration.

Link Your Facebook Page to Your Instagram Business Account

link Facebook to Instagram

At this point if you have a Facebook business page you might want to link it to your Instagram business account.  Then you can use some of Instagram’s business tools on your Facebook page.  To link the two, visit the three small lines in the top right-hand corner.  Next, click settings and then “Business.”  Now you’ll be prompted to “Connect a Facebook Page.”  You must be logged into your Facebook page to complete this step.

Using Your Instagram Business Account, Follow Other Users

following friends on Instagram

You’re ready to follow people.  Start by inviting your Facebook page followers to follow your Instagram business account and follow people yourself. You may ask yourself how to buy likes on Instagram? Don’t worry everything has some steps to follow.

Be strategic and follow Instagram business accounts that align with your business, choose companies in your city and international pages that are industry-related.  You should also search for industry-related Instagram Influencers, both for your Instagram account and your Facebook page.

Switching Your Business Account to a Personal Account and Vice Versa

a girl with red nail polish try to switch her account

What about if you’ve already got a personal Instagram account and you want it to become an Instagram business account?  Here are some useful steps to help you make the change!

  • Visit your Instagram profile page.
  • Tap the settings area.
  • Select “Account” and switch over to a business profile.

If you want to switch your Instagram business account back to a personal account, simply repeat the steps above but switch from business to personal.  It’s that easy!

The Benefits of Having an Instagram Business Account

Perhaps you’re wondering why you need an Instagram business account and what the difference is?  With a business account, there are additional features you can use to leverage your business or brand and get what you do in front of more people.  You can also connect it to your Facebook page.  We’ll go through the key features here.

Action Buttons

These are CTA buttons (call to action) such as “Make a Reservation,” “Call Now” or “Book In” etc.  This makes it much easier for your clients and customers to perform an action rather than switching to your website or picking up the phone to you.  Remember, you can do the same for your Facebook page too.

Scheduling Posts

timetable that schedule posts

With an Instagram business profile, you can schedule your posts to appear in advance, so you don’t need to spend time on the Instagram app posting.  You simply set up your content in advance, schedule it and get on with other areas of your business, saving time.  It’s a lot like scheduling your content to your Facebook page too.


some people are analyzing business

You can also access insights and measurement services to find out about your performance on Instagram, see how many followers you hooked and get a demographic breakdown of your audience, who interacts with your posts and where they’re located (plus other excellent insight information).  You can also analyse your Facebook page.

Manage Adverts

You can promote post content and choose who sees your adverts.  It’s affordable to as you set your budget so when you reach the cap, you don’t spend more than you need to.  Don’t forget to share your adverts to your Facebook page too.

Work with Influencers

Having an Instagram Business Account gives your brand more kudos and you’ll be able to find Influencers to work with to promote your brand, it’s even better if you can link your personal account to your Facebook page.

Final Words

Don’t delay if you want to increase your business presence on social media. If you’re struggling, have you disabled browser cookies?  If so, you will find it easier to set up.

Instagram business accounts are beneficial and easy to create. Link it to your Facebook page too. When you switch over, you’ll see how business improves and you can focus on marketing your business to the perfect audience, furthering your reach, grow Instagram followers and expand your engagement with your followers.  To improve engagement you could buy real Instagram likes to help get posts noticed by potential new followers and buy cheap Instagram views to help appear in other people’s news feeds.