Understand all about internet marketing and decide what marketing activities will work for your online business (and offline) or brand and you’ll know how to increase brand awareness plus build customer loyalty.

There’s No Getting Away From the Internet!

Being online means you must decide on internet marketing goals. Nearly 5 billion people across the globe use the internet daily.  Perhaps you’re unsurprised. You already know the internet is an outstanding tool that gives you access to everything “virtual” and when you want to shop online, you get access to everything physical too – albeit you might have to wait a couple of days for delivery! You can even buy Instagram followers from social media marketing services online.

Bearing in mind the shear enormity of online, a savvy businessperson knows that marketing efforts using web marketing (or digital marketing) plays possibly the most significant role of all. How a business uses online marketing to influence purchasing decisions makes the difference between success and failure when selling a business’s products, some requires to buy likes for their business purposes.

We’ve the tools you need for valuable digital marketing – an all-inclusive term for growing your business or brand.

More On Why You Need Good Internet Marketing

Marketing traditionally was only done offline. Much of it is still done so today but there’s a whole world with endless possibilities for marketing channels online.

Traditional Methods of Marketing – Offline Marketing Techniques

As one the traditional media, television marketing is shown in the picture vie a woman's coming out of the television itself.

Traditional marketing methods use traditional advertising, billboards, strategically placed messages, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, ads, TV commercials and more.  Most companies still use those methods, they also use online, and it’s opened up more opportunity than offline.

Online Marketing Reaches People All Over the World!

Online marketing (digital marketing) offers businesses plenty of benefits that offline marketing can’t deliver using other online platforms to reach online audiences.  Some benefits include the ability to reach people across the world, to personalize and tailor valuable content to specific user groups (and users) and to build meaningful relationships with consumers.

Anyone with a business or a brand to promote can buy likes on Instagram and reap the benefits of online marketing. By reaching people all over the world through this platform, businesses have access to new customers they would not have otherwise.

Internet Marketing Channels

A group of people is using marketing channels all around world to engage one another.

As the internet is so vast, and filled with online content, from video to audio, the written word, and static images, it is becoming challenging to get your message across in a very crowded market.

You need to employ internet marketing and develop a digital marketing strategy using a variety of digital channels to get your message in front of your online audience.  Those online platforms could be:

  • Email marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Web marketing.
  • SEO (search engine optimization).

Using the above, you gain consumers and keep them interested by engaging with them.

If you need to employ some internet marketing strategies to encourage purchase decisions, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll go through some of the best internet marketing strategies to make sure you reach the right people and increasing presence online.

Understanding Internet Marketing

It’s important to understand what internet marketing is.  Sometimes it’s referred to as online marketing, it’s the same thing and a way to use the internet to deliver your messages to your prospective customers and convert them into paying consumers.

Internet marketing is done through various digital channels. Through email marketing for promotional messages, website marketing, social media, and SEO (search engine optimization) for relevant results.  There are various methods used to support those channels, such as social media posting, Pay Per Click (PPC ads or online ads) and targeted advertising, as examples.

The Role of Internet Marketing

The role of internet marketing is to grow your outreach, to get your product or services in front of the right target audience, to gain more leads and to convert those leads into sales.

The role of internet marketing has exploded in recent years as more and more businesses have turned to the web to reach a wider audience. thanks to instant views and shares, internet marketing allows businesses of all sizes to reach a global audience with little more than a website and a social media account.

Attracting New Customers Using Internet Marketing

One of the goals you can achieve is to attract new consumers and find your target audience.  The best way to do this is to use paid advertising (Google ads and social media advertising), to utilize search engines and push your website up the ranking so it appears on page one for certain terms.

You also need to make your web design as attractive, interactive, and modern as possible, so user experience is positive, in addition to paid advertising.

Using The Power of Influence

A couple is getting likes, comments and followers as if there is a magnet on their page.

Paid social media marketing doesn’t just relate to advertising but it’s like paid advertising.  You may find that an Influencer could be good for your brand.  Just by the power of influence they could attract thousands of people to your product or service – by sharing a single post!  That’s influencer marketing – the power of guest posting.

The Importance of Website Visibility

To attract new consumers, you also need to keep your website visible, making sure when consumers search through a search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo for example) for a product or service you’re selling, you appear in search results, on page one.

Keyword Research to Rank Higher

This is done by conducting keyword research to determine the best targeted keywords for your business and applying these to your web content. 81% of shoppers use the internet to conduct market research before buying, if you’re not ranking, you’re missing business.

A User-Friendly Website Helps with Search Rankings

If your website hasn’t been updated for a while, you could be putting off potential customers.  If it’s slow to load or the navigation isn’t straightforward, your customers lose interest and go elsewhere.  You need a user-friendly website that works on a desktop and smartphone. If it’s time to update that website, this must be a priority for your internet marketing journey.

Using Internet Marketing to Build Brand Loyalty

[10:02] Şeyma AKPINAR Three people are giving a party after their brand succeed!

Internet marketing is important for building a loyal customer base. The best tactics to employ include email marketing, blogs, and social media.  In doing so, you’ll grow your online community and increase loyalty.  Personalized email campaigns to past customers with discount codes or exclusive offers, and birthday treats are effective ways to keep your customers coming back for more and reach your market online.

A Database of Email Addresses

A business man is getting e-mails 24/7, and creating a data for himself.

Developing an email marketing campaign list is a clever idea.  Every time you capture a customer’s email address, add it to a system like MailChimp building a database.  Then, design an email marketing template and send it through Mailchimp which automatically sends out emails to your customers on your behalf.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an aspect of internet marketing employing strategies to generate leads to your website.  The aim is to use relevant content to convert visitors into paying customers.  A content marketing strategy applies to creating content and distributing that content to your audience, growing audience engagement and reaching new customers.

The Difference Between Content Marketing and Online Marketing

Online marketing is slightly different.  It uses other methods as well as content marketing. They could be social media, pay per click adverts (PPC ads), web design or emails, whereas content applies to your web content, blog content, social media content and article content to get your name in front of potential customers.

Strategies for Internet Marketing

There is a business man with lots of marketing strategies and ideas to built a strong marketplace.

Your strategies for internet marketing will include the following:

  • A user-friendly website.
  • Optimizing your website so it’s found on search engines and reaches page one for certain terms.
  • Email marketing.
  • Online press releases.
  • Blogging.
  • Social media campaigns.
  • Pay per click adverts.
  • Video content and potentially audio content too – such as a podcast.
  • Using Influencers.
  • Facebook groups.

You don’t have to do all of the above and if you’re just starting out with internet marketing, cherry pick from some of the above to get started.  You can always add marketing strategies to the mix at a later date.

In order to Instagram followers increase, focus on quality content. Hashtags are important, but using too many of them can make your posts look spammy. Choose a few strategic hashtags and use them sparingly.

Websites That are User Friendly

Nowadays, having a website is paramount but you must make sure that your website is user friendly as already mentioned, which means it should be able to be viewed on a desktop and a smart device.  It must also be easy to navigate and mustn’t be slow because people look for speed.  Plus a slow website gives your potential buyer time to change their mind!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website must be user friendly, but it must also use keywords, so it ranks highly on search engines.  You’ll need to ensure your keywords are visible in your content, so when a user searches for a specific term, your website is displayed highly in the results.

How to Find Your Keywords

A man is searching perfect keywords for his SEO based articles.

Finding your keywords isn’t as difficult as it sounds.  Use this useful weblink and follow the steps to determine your keywords.  Then, take your top keywords and weave them naturally into your content.

These keywords are the type of search terms that potential customers type into a search engine search bar.  By having them in your content, you maximize your chances for discovery by prospective consumers.

Email Marketing

Many people are engaging with each other via e-mail marketing.

Email marketing is very effective and helps you to keep your brand high in mind of customers, emails also cultivate loyalty to your brand.

Build an Email Database

You do need to build your database to use email marketing.  Capture customers’ details by asking them to sign-up, you could add a pop-up box on your website asking them to sign up.  You could also invite them to submit their email address every time you place an offer, run a competition or give out a discount code.

What to Use Email Marketing For

Use email to introduce new product launches, send happy birthday messages, advertise your blog, a press release or for events – it’s useful for anything just don’t overload your customers.  They will unsubscribe if you do!

Online Press Releases

There is a man and a woman who create big news to release on press.

Releasing a press release when you have big news – such as a new product launch or a new service, helps to keep your brand high in search engine searches.  Plus, other people often share press releases so you get a wider audience reach, finding new customers that you might have missed previously.  Online press releases are often picked up by local news channels so they’re an effective internet marketing tool.

Instagram buy likes for you to ensure that your content is seen by a large number of people, and you can also use hashtags to reach a specific audience.

There are lots of online press release websites where you can post a press release.  Here’s one example:


There is a freelance blogger who is creating unique articles to publish with his audience.

One of the best ways to increase and drive traffic and customers is by having a blog.  By adding useful content in blog post form, you establish yourself as a leader in what you do, and you give your audience fascinating insights into your business.

Your Blog Can Broaden Your Readers’ Horizons with Lifestyle Information

When you blog, you don’t just have to talk about what your business does, you can home in on smaller elements, creating interesting topics around aspects of your business that your customer will appreciate.

You can also produce lifestyle content that is in line with what your business offers.  For example, if you sell kitchen equipment, you might want to create a recipe blog, so it’s a little different but still complements what your business focuses on.

Social Media Campaigns

There is woman who makes an announcement about a man's social media campaign, and another man is reading online press about his news.

Increasing your social media presence on social channels is important for internet marketing. One way to do this is to develop social media campaigns and competitions.

Competitions attract people to your social media profile and they are a wonderful way of encouraging people to follow you.  For example, to take part in a competition, your audience must follow you and share your post to their followers to be in with a chance to win!

You can also engage with your audience through social media platforms by asking questions, replying to comments and sharing interesting content.  There are so many ways to be visible on social media, through text, images and video.  You could even try Twitter for customer service.  Lots of big brands have a Twitter channel to quickly respond to customer queries.

Pay Per Click

There is an audience of a web-site who clicks on pages so that the web-site will pay per click.

45% of small businesses use pay per click adverts.  Google PPC is particularly effective and budget-friendly.  When you take out a Google ad, you add your keywords to the text so when a potential customer searches those keywords, your add pops up at the top of Google.

Suitable for All Budgets

You set a cap on your budget so once it’s spent, that’s it, you don’t spend anymore unless you top up which means if you only have a small budget, you can still use it effectively.  You also only pay per click (hence the name) and with no contract tie-in, you can pause or deactivate your PPC campaign whenever you want.

Video Content

There is an influencer who is vloging for her YouTube channel.

The power of YouTube and TikTok cannot be ignored.  84% of people buy a product after watching a video and you can use video in so many ways.

The obvious ways are to display new product launches or services.  Other ways are to post instruction videos or how-to-do videos, so your customers know exactly how to use your product or service before they buy.  You can also use video for events, for interviews, for behind-the-scenes information on your business and more.  Have fun with video content and think outside of the box!

Working with Influencers

There is a brand collab manager who works with influencers and gets everything she needed to grow the business.

If you want to know how to get Instagram views, then Influencers are big business!  People follow others that have influence and emulate what they’re doing or wearing as well as where they’re going.

By employing an Influencer who’s already established in your business sector, you can get them to highlight your product or service by posting content on their social media channels.

That content is viewed by their followers who are influenced and usually go on to purchase a product or service they’ve seen their favorite Influencer endorse.  Just one small mention by an Influencer, or a tag can get your product in front of millions!

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to have a strong online presence. If you don’t know how to buy followers on Instagram, one of the best ways to build a following is to work with influencers. By partnering with influencers who have already built up a large following, you can tap into their audience and quickly expand your reach.

Facebook Groups

A Facebook group is different to a Facebook page.  You can make it private too which gives it an air of exclusivity and builds a community around your brand.  Use Facebook groups to generate interest in what you do, to seek feedback and to build customer relationships. But you have to be available to reply to comments, answer questions and grow that brand loyalty or people quickly disengage.

Performing Online Marketing – Final Words

Now you know about the many different types of online marketing, you need to be sure that you’re doing everything correctly!  To do so, you’ll need to take note of the following:

  • Find your keywords and optimize your website.
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly and user friendly.
  • Create and publish blog content regularly.
  • Create email internet marketing campaigns.
  • Use social media.
  • Publish online PR.
  • Use PPC.
  • Post videos on video social media channels such as TikTok and YouTube.
  • Work with Influencers.

Don’t try and do everything at once.  Formulate a marketing strategy to cover off what you want to achieve over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months and focus on each individual activity.

You might find that two or three marketing techniques work well for you.  You might focus on just a couple, get those right and move onto the next.

You must have some form of internet marketing working for your brand or business.  Without some internet marketing you won’t maximize on your potential, and you could lose out to your competition.