Every industry sector can benefit from using social media content and its business features to grow audience engagement and generate new leads, most especially those involved in real estate business.  National associations recommend it and we do too.

For real estate professionals, social media channels are a great tool. There is just so much opportunity for lots of real estate marketing ideas to get properties seen by using the different social media sites, most especially Instagram as it’s so visual.

It is essential for real estate marketing especially if you’re looking for new ideas for attracting real estate clients and to gain more leads.

So, if you’re a real estate agent, no matter where your real estate business is located – anywhere in the world – you should definitely be using social media to create a network and to boost your business success with lots of new clients.

You don’t just need to use local listings – this is a whole new world.  Once you’ve used your social channels, it’s about generating leads – it’s just about closing deals.

With over 3 billion users of social media worldwide, if you’re not using it, you’re handing business over to your competitors – other agents.  There are Pinterest users, Twitter users, Instagram users, Facebook users, TikTok users and all of these social media platforms (and many others) are idea for real estate’s social accounts’ use.

We’re going to show you how to build your real estate business’ social media presence in this useful guide on posting valuable content for realtors. It needn’t be time-consuming.

Let’s get going with the know how and you don’t even need many technology tools, just your mobile, desktop or laptop to schedule posts, publish posts, property photos and blurb!  You could even start a blog and write a blog post about each of your new properties, then publish these on your real estate social network.  There’s just so much opportunity to generate leads.

Real Estate Social Network

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Looking to buy or sell real estate in today’s market? Then you need a platform that gives you access to the most relevant information and the largest pool of potential buyers and sellers. At Real Estate Social Network, we offer a comprehensive online resource for professionals and consumers in the real estate industry. With buy ig followers from some of the biggest names in social media, our network allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, share valuable insights and market your properties like a pro.

Without doubt, buying a home or a commercial property is one of the biggest financial outlays anyone will make so there are lots of questions attached to the process and trust is very important.

Using a particular real estate social network helps to share advice and create a relationship with potential clients, home buyers, sellers, and those looking to rent out their property or rent a property.  It also helps to generate new business.

If You Use Social Media Cleverly, You Don’t Even Need to Pay For It!

Social media business accounts are entirely useful, and it’s not paid marketing.  There are lots of free social media marketing features that real estate businesses can use to increase their real estate brand awareness.

The Extraordinary Benefits of Using Social Media for Real Estate

benefits of online real state agencies for people.

Of course, social media marketing comes with its own set of challenges. For one thing, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowded world of online marketing. But with a little creativity and the help of buy Instagram likes apps, any realtor can maximize their social media presence and reach more potential buyers than ever before.

We are going to look at the benefits of using social media marketing for a real estate agency in this handy guide about real estate social networks.

Real Estate Tips for Social Media Strategies for Realtors

We will also give you plenty of social media strategy tips for realtors. Here you can find how to boost your business with social media real estate profiles.

Use Social Media to Promote the Local Area 

Of course, your priority as a realtor is to market your properties to your followers, but you can also use real estate social networks to promote the local area.

Here’s what you can do to promote the area:

Don’t just use basic statistics.  Describe the area in full, really draw your prospective client in.  Talk about the shopping facilities, the local schools, the social demographics, the leisure opportunities and paint a picture of an idyllic place to live or a prosperous area for a potential business to buy a property.

Use Targeted Ads

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You can also use targeted ads through social media and they’re not expensive either.  Most social media channels use similar ad specifics to Google’s PPC (pay per click), so you only pay when an interested person clicks onto your ad and views your property.

When it comes to promoting your business, it’s important to target your ads to reach the right audience. One way to do this is to buy Instagram views. By targeting people who are interested in your product or service, you can ensure that your message is seen by the right people.

It’s another way to generate leads.  A Realtor’s Facebook business page would be good for targeted ads, and we would imagine that more than half get the click-through.

Twitter, Instagram and TikTok Targeted Ads for Real Estate Agents

Other channels that use targeted ads that are extremely useful for real estate agents are Twitter (keep it short and snappy with a link to the property listings) and Instagram.  TikTok is great for showcasing short videos of new properties and as we’ve mentioned, it’s ideal for a younger generation of real estate seekers.

If you’re used to using Facebook for your personal life, it’s not hard to explore the ad features available for social media for real estate.  It’s just another social media usage route!

Try Google Pay Per Click to Generate New Real Estate Leads

As well as social media ads for real estate, don’t forget to utilize search engines too and make sure that your listings appear on page one of Google (and other search engines).

You could try Google Pay Per Click for this purpose.  Inexpensive to run, it’s the type of ad campaign that keeps on giving plus there’s no contract tie-in, you stop your ad whenever you want, and you set your own budget.  That’s why Google PPC is so popular amongst real estate agents.  Try it to see what it can do to boost your real estate social media presence and online presence.

Be Honest – You Want To Build Trust

some instructors are building  a big trust

Be real though.  It’s all about trust so do mention the negatives as well.  Use Instagram to post images of the local area, it’s a visual platform after all so it’s a super social media platform for your real estate social network presence.  It’s a clever idea to set up an Instagram business account for your real estate company too and it’s quick and easy to do.

Be You and Use Your Charming Personality!

The beauty of social networking is that it’s about you, as well as your business.  By being personable and “human,” people will feel more at ease using your real estate business.  You don’t need to employ a ghost writer to craft your content.  People want to connect to the realtor they’re dealing with, so be a real person and people will feel more at ease contacting you.

Let your personality shine and come across because then you can open up a dialogue with a prospect before they meet you in person.  By doing so, your prospective client will already feel that they know you.

Use Your Real Estate Social Network To Educate Clients 

Social media has so many opportunities for real estate businesses.  As well as highlighting properties on the available multiple platforms, you can also use it to educate clients.  Here are a few ideas you could use to create a dialogue on social media:

  • Talk about common mistakes buyers and sellers make, explain how best to show off your home to prospective buyers.
  • Perhaps you could also talk about interior design tips and how to make the most of décor to entice prospective buyers or renters.
  • Discuss home insurance and maintaining a home and give your followers interesting facts about real estate.

Come Across as Extremely Knowledgeable About Your Field

The more knowledgeable you are, the more confidence your prospective clients will feel about your real estate business.

Have a Chat With Prospective Clients! 

Using features such as Instagram Go Live gives you the opportunity of chatting to your prospects before you meet them.  People love online, much more than picking up the phone!

Always Reply to Comments and Direct Messages (DMs)

there are DMs in the picture between two people

Make sure you respond to comments, questions, and anything else.  By being available, your prospects will feel that you’ll be there for them if they use your service to buy, sell or lease a property.

Even if you receive a negative comment, respond to it but be pleasant and try and turn the comment around so other people know that you don’t ignore negativity. Sure, be professional by all means but be friendly too.

Use Video Content to Promote Your Real Estate

When it comes to promoting real estate, there is no better medium than video. With its ability to capture the eye and tell a story in just a few seconds, video content can be incredibly effective in engaging potential buyers and showcasing your properties. There are a number of specific strategies you can use when using video content to promote real estate. For example, adding buy Instagram followers for $1 to your social media posts is a great way to increase engagement and reach new audiences.

Video is great for realtors and it’s far better than static images.  Imagine hosting a Go Live on Instagram for all of your open houses.  It’s almost the same as having people with you.  They can ask questions while you’re live and you can answer them, plus it gives them a convenient way to view a property without moving from their couch!

Use Other Social Media Platforms as Well as Insta

Use it for Facebook users, even Twitter users too, TikTok for a short snippet and YouTube videos to showcase a new real estate listing.  YouTube is great because it helps to boost your website’s ranking on Google.  There’s so much power for real estate social networks, use it and those are the best social media platforms for realtors.

Don’t Think Your Followers Are First Time Buyers 

While some social networks are preferred by Gen Z and Millennials, there are plenty of Baby Boomers and Gen X out there who’ve bought homes before, so they’re used to the process.

Don’t think your followers are first time buyers. The best place to buy Instagram likes is from a reputable source that has a good reputation. There are many people who will sell you fake likes, and you don’t want to be one of them

Don’t assume you’re just talking to first time buyers on a real estate social network, remember, your age range is very broad.

Vary Your Content to Maximize Appeal

Vary your content so it suits all different home-buying or home-renting experience.  You could miss out on followers if you just focus on first time buyers.

Get Feedback From Your Audience

You can also use social media to conduct a poll or a survey and this is excellent for fostering customer feedback.

Ask questions and listen to what people have to say about your service.  You should ask people what areas they prefer or what they’re looking for in a new home or a new commercial property.  The tools are all there on social media networks, get to grips with them and use them.

Remember Your Existing Clientele 

Invite any of your past clients (buyers, sellers, renters) to join you on social media and ask them to share their experience using your service.  Those positive client testimonials and success stories are always good to share, prospects read them and take note!

How to Use a Real Estate Social Network 

Find out about how to create a Real Estate Social Network and which are the best platforms for you, learn some helpful tips to promote real estate content online and grow your business.

Now you’ve read our tips for real estate social networks, here’s some information on how to use social media to promote your real estate business.

Social media is perfect to advertise properties and you can tailor your adverts to specific audiences in specific locations, just what you want to do!

You can narrow down your advertising on social media to age, gender, salary, job, location and more, there’s a wealth of opportunity for realtors!  Plus, social media improves brand awareness.

By having a social media presence, even those people who aren’t quite ready to think about owning a property will recognize your brand and perhaps come back to you in the future.

The Potential for Virtual Showings

a man looking at his laptop to see a home online by virtual showing

It’s also worth mentioning that social media nowadays allows you to do virtual showings, we’re all busy people so this is excellent when there’s just no time in the working day!

Additionally, with the recent pandemic, more people don’t want to go into other people’s homes, they’re used to Zoom work meetings (www.zoom.us), virtual tours won’t feel strange at all!

The Best Social Media Business Platforms for Realtors 

When it comes to a real estate social network, you’re probably wondering which are best for you.  Here’s what we suggest:

Facebook for Realtors

Facebook gives you plenty of choice and opportunity.  For example, targeted adverts for local listings, messenger to interact with your clients and you can of course share images, videos, and live videos to your prospects. (www.facebook.com).

Instagram for Realtors

You should try and build a business account on Instagram as it gives you access to lots of features such as CTA buttons and your contact details to help reach your target market.

You can also highlight your images and videos as well as use the Go Live feature to tour houses with people watching and asking questions as you do so. (www.instagram.com).

To get started on Instagram, you can buy Instagram likes on an app and build your following or buy Instagram Reel views so you have an instantly busy Instagram account.

TikTok for Realtors

One of the newest and fastest-growing social media networks, TikTok is great for realtors!  While it has a younger demographic, it’s lots of fun and a clever way to highlight behind-the-scenes content, such as quick walk-throughs or to really home in on a distinctive feature in a new home or other property.

This is probably the best social media network for first time buyers due to its younger socio demographic. (www.tiktok.com).

Final Words on Real Estate Social Networks 

So, if you’re a real estate business without presence on social media, don’t miss out on all that opportunity. Create an account on your social media to boost your real estate business, it doesn’t matter where you’re based in the world, social media channels are excellent to increase engagement and for lead generation.

As you know, billions of people use social media networks across the world, do have at least one platform to speak to your clients and prospects.

We would recommend trying one or two to begin with and as you gain more traction, add more social media channels to your real estate network. Having an Instagram account for real estate purposes is surely one of the best ways of how to increase Instagram followers.

If you have more than one social media networking platform, don’t forget to link the two or three together so that when you share content, it’s on all of them at once, saving you time.  Want to sell some houses or rent out some homes? Then now is the time to really ramp up your lead generation efforts!

Now we’ve covered Real Estate and social media networking, if you’re in the health and medical sector, you might want to know about the Omnicore agency – www.omnicoreagency.com which helps with social media content for your industry sector.