Social demographics – the term isn’t jargon, it’s really important to understand what the term means and why it’s vital for your business.

Actionable Insights

It’s not a sensitive topic and will give you actionable insights that you can use to grow your business.

In this piece, we explore social demographics and what social media platform demographics there are available to help you discover your exact audience and user base.

Grow Your Social Media Engagement

A fat man trying to grow his social media engagment.

If you’re looking to grow your social media engagement, one of the best ways to do so is by using Instagram likes apps. These tools make it easy to build a following on Instagram by allowing users to quickly and easily like and comment on posts from other users.

When you know how to use demographic data, you can really grow your social media engagement and your business too – and this piece is free today for you to read!

It’s About Understanding Your Target Instagram Audience

How you grow your social media presence and how to get more Instagram followers are very much dependent on understanding your Instagram audience.

To do so, one of the first strategies to employ is getting to grips with socio demographics and its importance in marketing your business.  Why is that?

We’ll tell you.

There are billions of people across the world using social media networking on a regular basis, whether to network, explore video content, connect, view photos etc. It has exploded over the past decade, most especially in recent years.

An impressive statistic to remember is that amount is 3.2 billion people out of the globe’s total population (that figure is 7.8 billion)!  Within that figure, there’s immense information to harness – and that’s what we’ll call really exciting demographic information.

What is Demographic Information?

Demographic information relates to behaviors, habits, education, patterns, hobbies, lifestyle, age, gender, career, location, characteristics, income and more.

In fact, it’s all the factors that make up a community and when you apply demographic information to your business, you get excellent data that you can use to better target your audience.

There are other social demographic characteristics, like death rates and migration background but they might not be relevant to what you’re looking for.

Know the Audience You’re Targeting

Check target audience for job

To find and utilize it, you need to zone in on the characteristics of all the social media marketing platforms to really get to know who you’re targeting.

It’s not easy to do, which is why we’ve created this useful post on social demographics to help you when you conduct your own market research for your business.

If you’re looking to launch a marketing campaign on Instagram, it’s crucial that you understand your target audience and how best to reach them. This means taking into account factors like their age group, location, interests, and pay for likes on Instagram.

Let’s get started with some meaningful and actionable insights!

Demographics to Help You Build Your Social Media Marketing Calendar

The information that we’ve put together helps you to discover meaningful social demographics data that you need to help you when it comes to creating your social media marketing calendar.

Some key demographic indicators to look out for include age, gender, geographic location, interests, and Instagram views. Additionally, analyzing user engagement and keywords can help you identify the types of content that draw people in and lead to more clicks and sales

Discover exactly what you need to know to grow your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or other social media marketing platform and reference it whenever you need to.

We’ll go through each platform to help you.

Social Media Demographics and The Different Social Platforms

The following information could help you to decide which social media platforms are right for your business and industry sector.  You may just need one, you might want to use two, three or even all but be careful using too many, you might find that you spread your social media too thinly.

Facebook Demographics

  • As of 2021, Facebook has nearly 3 billion monthly active users so there’s a lot of opportunity out there!
  • The age group on Facebook breaks down to 90% age 18 to 29, 75% age 30 to 49, 50% age 50 to 65 and 34% are age 65 years +.
  • As far as income, 80% earn less than $40k, 90% earn between $40 and 60k, 80% earn between $60 and 70k, 80% earn between $80 and 100k and 85% earn over $100k.
  • More women use Facebook than men (the breakdown is 54%/45%).
  • Facebook users spend on average, half an hour a day viewing the network.
  • Most people use Facebook through their mobile device (96%) and only 25% use a desktop or laptop.

Instagram Social Demographics

  • Instagram has more than 1 billion daily active users.
  • 70% of users are age between 18 and 29, 46% are age 30 to 49 years old, 20% are age 50 to 64 and 7% are age 65+.
  • As far as income, 45% have an annual income of $40k or less, 40% have an annual income between $30 and 60k, 35% have an annual income of $60 to 70k, 55% earn around $70 to 80k, 45% earn between $80 and 100k and 60% earn over $100k a year.
  • Most Instagram users are female, with a breakdown of 51%/49%.
  • Instagram users use the platform for approximately 50 minutes every day.
  • 70% of businesses in the USA have an Instagram account.
  • 80% of Instagram users use the platform to find new products and services.
  • The biggest Instagram accounts are Cristiano Ronaldo who has 243 million followers, Ariana Grande who has 208 million followers and Dwayne Johnson who has 205 million Instagram followers.

Pinterest Demographics

  • 70% of Pinterest users feel inspired to shop after using the platform.
  • 70% of users discover new products using Pinterest.
  • Pinterest has 320 million monthly active users.
  • As far as age groups, 35% of Pinterest users are age 18 to 29, 35% are age 30 to 49, 25% are age 50 to 65 and 12% are over 65 years old.
  • In terms of income, 17% have an annual income of $30k or less, 25% earn between $30 and 75k and 40% earn more than $75k.
  • The gender breakdown is 70/30% female/male.
  • A Pinterest user will spend approximately 15 minutes a day on the platform.
  • Most Pinterest users access the platform using their mobile device (80%), the rest using a desktop or laptop device.
  • 90% of users use the platform to make purchasing decisions
  • Pinterest drives more traffic to shopping channels than Facebook (by 30%).
    90% of weekly pinners used Pinterest to make purchase decisions.

Twitter Demographics

  • Twitter users:  Twitter has 330 million monthly active users.
  • Age groups breakdown as follows: 40% are age between 18 and 29, 25% are age between 30 and 49 years old, 17% are age 50 to 64 and 5% are age more than 65+.
  • In terms of income, 20% of households earn less than $30k annually, 35% earn between $30 and 75k annually and 40% earn more than $75k.
  • There is an even gender split, 50/50 men/women use Twitter.
  • Users spend approximately 4 minutes on the social media platform every day.
  • The biggest accounts on Twitter are Barak Obama with 130 million followers, Justin Bieber with 115 million followers and Katy Perry with 110 million followers.
  • 70% of businesses use Twitter as a digital marketing tool.
  • 75% of users engage with a brand when they respond to a Tweet.
  • Advertising engagement on Twitter is up 25%.

LinkedIn Demographics

  • LinkedIn has more than 260 million monthly active users.
  • In terms of age distribution, 20% of users are age 18 to 24, 60% are age 25 to 34, 15% are age 35 to 54 and just 4% are over 55 years old.
  • In income terms, 25% of users have less than $30k as an annual income, 4% earn between $40 and 60k, 40% earn between $60 and 70k, 50% earn between $70 and 80k, 60% earn $100k plus.
  • More men use LinkedIn than women, with the breakdown as follows: 43/57%.
  • LinkedIn users use the platform for around 6 minutes daily.
  • Most LinkedIn users prefer using a mobile device (57%) with the rest preferring a desktop or laptop device.
  • The LinkedIn accounts with the biggest following are Bill Gates, with 28 million followers, Richard Branson with 17 million followers and Jeff Weiner with 10 million followers.

YouTube Demographics

  • YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users.
  • The age breakdown is as follows:  80% are between 15 and 25, 70% are between 26 and 35, 65% are between 36 and 45, 65% are age 46 to 55 years old and 59% are age 56+.
  • The income spread of YouTube users is as follows:  80% have an income of less than $30k a year, 80% earn between $30 and 60k, 80% earn between $60 and 70%, 81% earn between $80 and 100k and 90% earn over $100k
  • More than 50% of YouTube users are female.
  • Users spend approximately 12 minutes a day on the platform.
  • Most YouTube views are on mobile devices (over 70%).
  • The YouTube channels with the biggest number of followers are T-Series with 168 million, PewDiePie with 108 million and Cocomelon with 102 million.

Snapchat Demographics

  • Snapchat has more than 382 million active users.
  • In age terms, 50% are between 15 and 25, so it’s very much for younger users, 35% are age 26 to 35, 20% are age 36 to 45, 10% are age 46 to 55 and just 3% are age 56 and over.
  • Snapchat has similar demographics to TikTok demographics.
  • 30% of users have an annual income of $30k or less, 33% earn between $40 and 60k, 30% earn from $60 to $70k, 40% earn $70 to 80k a year, 40$ earn between $80 and $90 k and 38% earn over $100k a year.
  • Most Snapchat users are female, the split being 61%/38%.
  • Snapchat users spend half an hour daily on the platform.
  • The only device you can use Snapchat on is a mobile device.
  • In terms of mobile usage, Snapchat comes in 2nd place for most used.

Prioritizing Your Business or Brand Using Social Demographics

We hope that the above information gives you some help with choosing the right social media platform to build up your online presence for your business or brand.

Breakdown Your Data Into Buying Personas

If one of your key buying personas is made up of young adults who are active on social media, you might focus on marketing strategies like can you buy Instagram followers in order to engage with these potential customers more effectively. By taking the time to breakdown your data into buying personas, you can gain a more complete understanding of your target market and better reach the right people at the right time.

Remember to break down the social demographics into more finely tuned buying personas to match your audience.

How to Create Buying Personas

People from different countries are in groups to buy stuffs.

To develop buyer personas, ask yourself lots of right socio demographic questions, these are social demographic characteristics, and help pinpoint your target audience. For example:

  • How old is your ideal customer?
  • Where do they live?
  • Do they live in a house or an apartment (or at home with mom and dad)?
  • How many family members live with them?
  • What area do they live in?
  • What hobbies do they have?
  • What gender are they, women or men – or other?
  • What’s their marital status, are they married, single or co-habiting?
  • Do they have pets?
  • Where do they take a vacation?
  • What is their education level?
  • What’s their employment status?
  • What job do they have?
  • What is their job title?
  • What do they earn (socio economic status)?
  • What race are they?
  • What ethnicity are they?
  • What religion are they?

You Can Have Multiple Buyer Personas

This type of information is essential, so you get to know your customer.  You don’t necessarily just have one buying persona, you might have a few and you may then put them into further different subgroups.

Name Your Buyer Personas

Give each a name so you easily identify which is which when you do your marketing.  You can apply the results to a particular product, or a range or anything that your company sells or offers as a service.

Create Your Own Survey

Another way to do demographic research is to create a survey with the right survey instruments that you could send out to your database via email and incentivize your customers to complete it (maybe with a discount code).

This helps to determine your social demographics for your business.  Or – ask away on social media!

Regularly Update Your Demographic Information

Don’t forget to constantly update your demographics and use recent research to apply to your marketing strategy.


Understanding socio demographics is vital and helps you make better business decisions. If growing your Instagram followers is a priority, there are marketing companies that can help you do so and you can buy Instagram followers with PayPal that perfectly match your social demographics and help to increase social media engagement online.